May 17, 1993 12:00 PM

Enuff Znuff

These Chicago pretty boys churn out hard rock that could be called Wayne’s World with brains. Sounds like an oxymoron. But as led by bassist Chip Znuff and vocalist Donnie Vie, the band whips through its criminally catchy scorchers in a way that makes girls shriek, their boyfriends pump fists and rock critics unleash the superlatives.

On their third album, Enuff Znuff tempers the arena-rock ballistics with glam harmonies and Top 40 flourishes, all of which help make them a less tongue-in-cheek Cheap Trick for the ’90s. Like Cheap Trick, Enuff Znuff uses enough Beatles-esque hooks to fill a Yellow Submarine. But layered beneath every gleeful guitar filigree and breathy chorus is a compelling love and appreciation of rock and roll that has been missing from big-time bands for a long while. By skipping the spandex-warrior posturing and by combining garage-band heart with seasoned studio acumen, Enuff Znuff makes hard rock that dares to snarl and sigh at the same time. (Arista)

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