By Leah Rozen Jason Lynch Charlotte Triggs
August 14, 2006 12:00 PM


As Barnyard‘s kindly Etta the hen, the 48-year-old actress, former model and mother of three spreads her wings in her first animated role.

HOW DID YOU LIKE DOING VOICE WORK? I was in a little sound booth in Asheville, N.C., right down the road from me. It was sort of like reading to my children.

DO YOU FEEL GUILTY WHEN YOU EAT CHICKEN NOW? You know, my daughter, for some reason, decided to be vegetarian two months ago. She’s 11. So I haven’t been eating any chicken, and she’d be relieved if I never ate chicken again.

YOUR LINES WERE DUBBED IN YOUR FIRST MOVIE. NOW YOU GET PAID FOR YOUR VOICE. I think my voice has ended up being a great asset for my career. It’s really distinct. Most directors like they way I sound.

HOW DO YOU STAY LOOKING GREAT? I eat real food: vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish. I run, I walk, I do yoga and Pilates. I do everything! I have a great stomach, I do.