By Patrick Gomez Aili Nahas
April 28, 2014 12:00 PM



The show has always been over-the-top, but season 2 opens with a brand-new scandal.

This season is about finding out who my character Marisol really is. Plus, she is living with her new fiancé, who is up to no good, and a maid who hates her! It’ll be interesting.

The show takes place in Beverly Hills but films in Atlanta. Is it fun shooting down South?

There’s a real food scene. You think it’s going to be all fried and unhealthy in the South, but it’s the opposite. I’m a foodie, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Executive producer Eva Longoria will direct an episode this season.

She has a fantastic eye and she knows these characters so well. But I think we’ll definitely pull some pranks on her.

What are your kids [Paloma, 4, and Rafael, 2] into these days?

Paloma is a big artist—she loves painting and drawing. And Rafael is all boy—he’s into Spider-Man and Superman and trucks. [My costars] Judy Reyes and Roselyn Sanchez have kids the same age, so it’s wonderful. We all have barbecues together. It’s a built-in familia!