November 30, 1992 12:00 PM

CHS (Sun., Nor. 29. 9 P.M. FT)


A group of returning World War II veterans encounter corruption in their small Texas town and decide to unseat the greedy mayor (G.W. Bailey) and his brutal sheriff (John M. Jackson). But the man they look to to champion their cause, their commanding officer in Europe (Brad Johnson), is being pressured by his ambitious wife (Patricia Clarkson) and his country club lather (Josef Sommer) to align himself with the status quo.

The story is overly earnest and predictable, until a hokey climax in which the citizens arm themselves and storm city hall. But this Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation has burnished production values and a good cast, including Kathleen Quinlan, Tom Size-more, Lisa Blount and David Labiosa.

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