February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Recovering heart-attack victims and their spouses chat about their experiences with warmth and humor in this production that purports to be a guide for post-coronary care. In fact it is a misguided, 60-minute jumble that cries out for better direction. A heart attack is simulated, a paramedic displays his medical bag of tricks, coronary-care experts belabor the obvious, and an odd assortment of recipes for kind-to-the-circulatory-system dishes (Banana Smoothie, Party Dip, Green Beans Vinaigrette) flash on the screen before the credits roll. Advice, when it comes, is helpful. A clinical psychologist describes the emotional aftereffects of coronary disorders and recommends that survivors who feel isolated by their, illness join support groups (Mended Hearts, Inc. is one national group) and get involved with medically supervised exercise programs. In the end, it is the survivors and their mates who breathe life into the production with their spirited celebration of each day. (Active Home Video, $19.95; 800-824-6109)

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