March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Michael Martin Murphey

Murphey’s career has been productive enough, yet he has become an anonymous sort of country singer. There’s a hint on this album that he could brighten up his style. His duet with Holly Dunn on the chipper Karen Staley-Gary Harrison song A Face in the Crowd adds a new dimension—energy. She perks up Murphey’s mood—and smooth but colorless voice. A similar lift comes from the Dixielandish Murphey-David Hoffner tune You’re History. Enjoyable moments on the rest of the album include Hugh Prestwood’s Almost Free and the sentimental Paul Over-street-Thom Schuyler song A Long Line of Love. But nothing comes close to the Dunn duet, and Murphey most of the time still seems like a run-of-the-jukebox country-pop singer. (Warner Bros.)

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