By People Staff
March 30, 1981 12:00 PM

by Anthony Bailey

When the bombings began in World War II, many European children were sent to the States. Tony Bailey, then 7, was one. Son of a small-town English banker, Bailey had the luck to spend four war years in Dayton, Ohio with Otto and Eloise Spaeth and their four children. Spaeth, a malt merchant, was a millionaire and a kind, inventive man. The Spaeths’ home was a magic castle to Tony, with expensive cars, servants, laundry chutes (for small boys to slide down) and other marvels. Bailey enjoyed those years so much he became a man with two countries, devoted to a family in each. He explains, “I began to write this account…hoping to recapture and therefore preserve some of my past before it became irretrievable.” Fortunately, Bailey, a staff writer on The New Yorker, retrieved enough to provide an affecting footnote to history. (Random House, $9.95)