July 12, 2004 12:00 PM

America’s Heart & Soul A string of schmaltzy Kodak moments extolling the diversity and pluck of America’s citizens, this feel-good documentary belongs on TV. Some may find it pleasant, but they probably hum along to Muzak too. (PG)

Facing Windows In this captivating Italian drama, a woman (sloe-eyed Giovanna Mezzogiorno) questions her career and marriage after befriending an elderly man and a handsome neighbor. A bittersweet treasure. (R)

The Clearing Robert Redford plays a rich L.A. businessman who, upon being kidnapped, attempts to outwit his nervous abductor (Willem Dafoe). Though intelligently made and capably acted, it never quite grabs you. Helen Mirren costars as Redford’s wife. (R)

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