July 05, 2004 12:00 PM

Two Brothers

Kids age 6 and older will greatly enjoy this wholesome, adventure tale of twin tiger cubs in an Asian jungle who are separated and raised in captivity in the early 1900s. Their assorted owners include a treasure hunter (Guy Pearce), a circus owner, a young boy and a cowardly prince. The real stars here are the talented tigers, who out-act most of their human costars. Too bad the Academy Awards don’t hand out annual statues to the best four-legged performer. (PG)

White Chicks

Call it a guilty pleasure. This dumb, raunchy comedy, in which real-life brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans (see page 73) play African-American FBI agents who go undercover as a couple of squealing, Beverly Hills blondes named Brittany and Tiffany, had us laughing out loud repeatedly. Typical joke: When Brittany-in-drag is mugged, he chases down the thief as if making the game-saving tackle at the Super Bowl. “It’s not just a bag,” he explains to the quaking culprit. “It’s Prada.” (PG-13)

The Terminal

Tom Hanks gives a luminous performance in an entertaining comic drama about a foreign visitor stuck at a U.S. airport for months. (PG)

The Mother

An older widow (Anne Reid) at loose ends takes up with a younger carpenter (Daniel Craig) in this superb British drama. (R)

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