June 15, 1998 12:00 PM

Chris Farley, Matthew Perry

Farley, in his last major role before his death last year at age 33, stays true to form, playing yet another offensive but fundamentally lovable slob. The only novelty about this comedy is that it’s a period piece, set in the American wilderness of the early 19th century. Farley, as a tracker who appears never to have bathed in a stream let alone a tub, teams up with Friends star Perry, a silly fop commissioned by President Jefferson to compete against Lewis and Clark in a cross-country expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis and Clark vs. Felix and Oscar? This is a terrible idea, and it results in a terrible movie. There are a couple of amusingly weird notions, including a frontier brothel in which the women are straw dolls, an anachronistic Spanish conquistador (Kevin Dunn) obsessed with his hair, and a band of Indian warriors so old they have to be carted into battle. But the jokes are all undeveloped, and the performances all uninspired. Go West, young man, but steer clear of Almost Heroes. (PG-13)

Bottom Line: Not worth the ride

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