By People Staff
February 25, 1985 12:00 PM

Lionel Richie

Four of Richie’s broadcast videos are included: All Night Long, Running With the Night, Hello and Penny Lover. The first directed by Bob (Five Easy Pieces) Rafelson and the rest by video whiz Bob Giraldi, these are state-of-the-semi-art bits, full of lavish staging effectively masking the fact that Richie is not the world’s greatest dancer or actor. They’re all so familiar, though, that it’s far more interesting to see the versions of All Night Long and Running With the Night taken from an Oakland concert in his 1984 tour. There could be no better contrast between studio videos—lots of glitter, very little heart—and the spontaneity of a live performance, especially when the performer seems as involved with his audience as Richie is. (RCA/Columbia, 35 minutes, $14.95)