June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Marie Osmond

Plenty of country singers would give their perkiest gingham dress to have a voice as sweet and pure as Osmond’s. She and her producers, Paul Worley and Ed Seay, have rounded up an attractive bunch of songs, including the Paul Davis—Susan Collins tune Sweet Life and the nifty I’m in Love and He’s in Dallas (Kent M. Robbins—Richard Leigh). When they mixed this album, however, they seem to have left out the emotional content track. Osmond’s personal life has been turbulent enough during the last few years that she must understand what heartbreak is, but she sings a song such as Raining Tears or Lonely as the Night Is Long much the same as she does Baby’s Blue Eyes. While the notes are all there, something is missing. Too often this record provokes images of beautifully wrapped, beribboned packages that end up being empty inside. (Capitol)

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