By People Staff
April 22, 1985 12:00 PM

Alison Moyet

Moyet, together with synthesizer-adept Vince Clarke, made up the British electro-pop band Yaz. This first solo album, a big seller in England, is an erratic showcase for her exciting voice. Her deep, tightly modulated singing has a reflective luster, but Moyet’s brassy sonority was better suited to the brittle sound of Yaz than it is to the warmer backdrop that producers Tony Swain (who also plays keyboards) and Steve Jolley have provided for Alt Honey for the Bees is too restrained by pop formulas, but the most damaging mistake on Alf is in forcing Moyet to carry the smoky torch of romance, as she has been asked to do on For You Only, Steal Me Blind and All Cried Out. She’s much more effective when she’s playing hard to get. (Columbia)