March 10, 2008 12:00 PM

Good Time |



On Good Time, Alan Jackson gives us more of the straight-up honky-tonk and working-class ballads he’s been delivering since his 1990 debut. The title cut is a stomping tongue-twister about an average Joe who’s looking to blow off some steam after punching the clock all week, while first single “Small Town Southern Man” is a touching, fiddle-laced tale of a family patriarch who lives a simple, God-fearing life. Elsewhere, Jackson, who wrote all 17 tunes, plays the stud on “Country Boy”: “I’ve got a four-wheel drive/Climb in my bed and I’ll take you for a ride.” At some 70 minutes, Good Time is a bit of a long haul. But with material this solid, it’s pretty easy to kick back and enjoy the trip.

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