May 20, 1985 12:00 PM

Kim Mitchell

Devotees of rock trivia may recognize his name. On Tears Are Not Enough, the Canadian equivalent of USA for Africa’s We Are the World, Kim Mitchell is listed as a participant, right between Rush’s Geddy Lee and Joni Mitchell. If Kim continues to turn out the type of hot, riveting rock that marks Akimbo Alogo, though, he won’t be a trivia question for long. A quick glance at the lyrics (by Pye Dubois), with their references to Led Zeppelin and Iron Butterfly, offers a suggestion of his basic orientation: hard rock. Mitchell rocks out, however, without being overwhelmed by the mudslide sound typical of heavy metal. His clean, lethal guitar style recalls no one so much as Joe Walsh. Mitchell also boasts a warm, growling voice that, especially on Feel It Burn, sounds like Lowell George. There isn’t a great deal of variety on Akimbo Alogo, but what Mitchell does, from the blues ‘n’ boogie That’s a Man to the storm-the-ramparts riff of Lager & Ale, he does well. (Bronze/Island)

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