By People Staff
May 18, 1987 12:00 PM

Janie Frickie

Frickie is the industrious sort, having turned out nine albums—one or two of them, at least, on the routine side—in the last six years. Nothing she has done before, though, has been as well-rounded and thoroughly entertaining as this LP. One highlight is a version of the old Ink Spots hit If I Didn’t Care. The tune, by Jack Lawrence, had always seemed like just a novelty, but Frickie sings it straight, with only a couple of graceful allusions to the stylized Ink Spots arrangement, including a snatch of recitation. It comes across as a very pretty, sweet love song. Frickie also duets with Bill Warren on Nobody Ever Loved Me So Good, then handily takes on all three Gatlin brothers on Larry’s tale of romance overcoming skepticism, From Time to Time (It Feels Like Love Again). The Chick Rains-Peter McCann hurtin’ tune Teach Me How to Forget lets Frickie get vulnerable, and Are You Satisfied remakes the. 1955 Rusty Draper hit with the right primitive rockabilly touches. Frickie never sounds quite convincing when she gets twangy—”town” comes out “te-howwn” on I Don’t Like Being Lonely. She has one of the best voices in country music, though, and she’s using it to great advantage these days. (Columbia)