By People Staff
July 19, 1993 12:00 PM

by Susan Isaacs

Rosie Myers heads to the kitchen for a late-night frozen pizza and trips over the dead body of her al-most-ex-husband, Richie, or “Rick,” the name he’s preferred ever since going from math teacher to millionaire.

Rosie, heroine of Isaacs’ fourth mystery, is a fortysomething suburban matron who, the day after her silver-anniversary party, is cast aside by corporate climber Rick for a dynamic younger woman. When the police target Rosie as their prime suspect, she becomes an unlikely fugitive—and sleuth.

Climbing out the window of her Long Island mansion, Rosie eludes the cops and goes underground in New York City to flush out the real killer. In a series of confrontations with friends. lovers and other strangers, Rosie learns more than enough about Richie and important things about herself.

Isaacs, author of such best-sellers as Compromising Positions and Magic Hour, scores again with this relentlessly funny portrait of the rich, old-line and nouveau. The plot rewardingly twists, the characters charm and Rosie carries the day. This entertaining and imaginative mystery makes a delightful summer cooler. (Harper-Collins, $23)