By Leah Rozen Champ Clark Scott Huver
January 28, 2008 12:00 PM

Jackpot! The actor, 32, makes the leap from garbage man to Katie’s onscreen man in the comedy Mad Money.

YOU HAVE QUITE AN INTERESTING RESUME. Yeah, I was a garbage man, was in the Army and was a fact-checker for Mademoiselle. The worst was as a security guard: gruesome 12-hour shifts in front of an elevator.

WHAT ABOUT THE RUMORS YOU WERE STEALING KATIE AWAY FROM TOM? My mother had a ball with it. There was this photo that said, “Meet the man Tom Cruise is terrified of.” That was really great.

DID YOU EVER MEET YOUR RIVAL? He was never on set when I was there, so no. He is, obviously, terrified of me.