August 28, 2006 12:00 PM

Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Lewis Black


Like Ferris Bueller before him, Bartleby (Long) has mastered all the angles. He finagled his way out of gym class by faking an allergy to sweat and once got a bully kicked out of school on sexual harassment claims. So when “B” is rejected by all eight colleges he applied to, he conjures up a faux Ohio college (South Harmon Institute of Technology, with an all-too-appropriate abbreviation)—located in an abandoned psychiatric facility—that attracts hundreds of tuition-paying fellow rejects. Long is plenty likable in his first lead role, but he’s weighed down by the pedestrian direction of first-timer Steve Pink, who wrote Grosse Pointe Blank, and a script that refuses to heed its own advice about unleashing one’s creativity. Instead, Accepted sticks to the usual college-comedy lesson plan: bubbly hot blondes, good; frat boys and smarmy deans, bad. (PG-13)

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