September 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Yes, that ABC. Now in its second year, Wide World of Flying takes advantage of the network’s resources, offering the recreational pilot a planeload of well-produced segments. In previous issues, there were pieces on what it’s like for a single-engine pilot to fly a Learjet, and on the Argus 5000—an automatic electronic map that constantly updates a plane’s position. In the latest issue, the single-engine, French-made four-seaters Trinidad and Tobago are flight-tested. There are also pieces on use of helicopters in filmmaking and understanding spins and stalls. Of course, it helps to know how to “practice yaw control in deep oscillation stalls” before you attempt it. That’s why this video magazine isn’t for Walter Mitty types who don’t actually fly. You’re expected to know all the technical jargon of pilotese, such as the meaning of all those abbreviations (ATP, IFR, TCA) that pilots are so fond of using. (That’s Airline Transport Pilot, Instrument Flight Rules and Terminal Control Area to the groundlings among us.) ($99.95, also includes a newsletter; 800-999-8783)

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