March 02, 1992 12:00 PM

CBS (Sun., March 1, 9 P.M. ET)


Over lunch, a successful malpractice attorney tells his wile of 16 sears that he’s moving out: “It’s not working now, Bets. You know that. You criticize everything I do or say. You’re clearly not happy. Why would you want me to stay?” “Because you owe me,” she hisses, and her baleful glare is a clear indication that this separation isn’t going to be amicable.

Since Family Ties, Meredith Baxter has made a health living playing unhinged women in TV movies. All of them pale in comparison to her bravura performance as the title character in this smartly detailed, fact-based film. Baxter’s behavior grows increasingly volatile as her husband (Stephen Collins) grows closer to his 19-year-old office assistant (Michelle Johnson). (In reality, Broderick, after her first trial ended with a hung jury, was recently convicted of killing her former husband and his second wife.)

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