By Jeff Jarvis
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM

>KANE & ABEL For three nights starting on Friday, July 8 at 8 p.m., CBS reruns its 1985 mini starring Peter Strauss and Sam Neill as tycoons at war. If you missed it the first time, don’t change your luck now.

NEWHART Dick waits for the inn’s 5,000th guest, and waits, and waits in this show from March. It’s a wonderful Newhart—but aren’t they all? (CBS, Mon., July 11, 9 p.m.)

TANNER ’88 In the latest installment in cable’s with-it political mini, candidate Tanner decides to marry a bigwig from Michael Dukakis’ campaign. (HBO, Mon., July 11, 10 p.m.)

THE STRUGGLES FOR POLAND PBS begins a nine-part documentary on Polish history. (Tues., July 12, 9 p.m.)