By People Staff
January 22, 2001 12:00 PM

by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Edited by Michael Segell

Forget about the “Simple Abundance” gimmickry. This is a marvelous collection of 55 pithy essays by and about men. The contributors include such well-regarded authors as Rick Bass, Roy Blount Jr. and Reynolds Price. But also in the lineup is a Microsoft programmer explaining his fascination with Captain Nemo’s sub, a Jungian analyst delving into male moodiness, a hermit describing solitude. Some of the pieces are disturbing, and some surprising. Others are just plain moving, like John Tierney’s tale of a homeless man who retrieves himself from oblivion. Asked what turned his life around, the man says, “I met this woman in the park, and I fell in love for the first time since I was a teenager.” Five years later they were still together. (Scribner, $22)

Bottom Line: Simply terrific