April 14, 1980 12:00 PM

by Joanna Brent

Beldon is fed up with working his family’s poor farm in Georgia and heads for a job as a crop duster in Texas. He gets picked up on the way by a girl named Locksey, who has a trailer and is going to California. Locksey has spent her life on the road traveling with midget wrestlers and selling Bibles, and she’s as knowing as Beldon is innocent. Beldon must stop in Weasel Creek, Ark. to see a relative. “Right outside of town Beldon saw a sign tacked up on somebody’s fence post. JESUS…OR ELSE!” That foreshadows the terrible violence the couple encounters, but there is a final, sweet understanding. This first novel is a tender, comic little tale about rural folks who struggle mightily for food and shelter. Beldon and Locksey are a rustic Romeo and Juliet—with a happy ending. (Seaview, $8.95)

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