June 30, 1997 12:00 PM

Lifetime (Sun., June 29, 10 p.m. ET)


All right, celebrities, it’s time to play “What’s in Your Refrigerator?” Fashion designer Vera Wang’s fridge holds loads of Häagen-Dazs (hope it’s off-limits to her models). Cokie Roberts of ABC News can’t bring herself to throw out an edible miniature of the Capitol dome (a perfect snack for This Week colleague George Will). Movie star Rene Russo has a see-through fridge door, so her food supply is an open secret.

This one-hour special, seen by Lifetime as a series candidate, might be called an authorized invasion of privacy. Russo, Wang and Roberts allow a camera crew to poke around their homes, follow them to work and capture a slice of their jam-packed lives. One virtue of the show is a sense of irony: After insisting she has a “normal” existence off the job, Roberts is approached by an autograph seeker at the supermarket. Another plus is the subjects’ likability: Russo is refreshingly uninhibited, Wang seems sincere about balancing career and parenthood, and Roberts is brisk but surprisingly warm. We quarrel only with the visual gimmickry. It isn’t necessary to split the screen to suggest a woman is multifaceted.

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