October 29, 1984 12:00 PM

Produced by Rick Smolan and David Cohen

On Dec. 2, 1983, 50 photographers took pictures of Hawaii in a project similar to the single-day photographic essay on America mounted by LIFE and, later, the book on Australia by Smolan and Cohen. The result is an oversize volume of beautifully reproduced pictures, most of them in color, that include all the expected images: a hula dancer, tourists in wildly printed shirts, surfers, tropical vegetation, nut-brown natives and sunstruck beaches. It is the unexpected pictures that make the book interesting: an old man with a prize fighting cock, cowboys rounding up a herd of cattle, a high school student washing a pig, a girl heading a soccer ball, Korean sailors laughing, and U.S. soldiers practicing with light weapons and a tank. During the day 64,800 pictures were shot—this book includes 345 of them. Among the most special is one of a high school football player in the winners’ locker room, his haunted, sweating face surrounded by garlands of tropical flowers. Another memorable photograph shows an aging woman rancher in cowboy hat and brilliantly bejeweled and embroidered shirt. If Hawaii lovers can’t afford a few days at the Kahala Hilton, this book might help them get through the cold winter ahead. (Workman, $40)

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