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Updated June 01, 2009 12:00 PM


by Michael Lewis |

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Moms who suspect that Dad has been intentionally evading diaper duty, here’s your proof. In this memoir, based on his Slate diary about aiming to be a hands-off parent to his three kids with former MTV host Tabitha Soren, Moneyball author Lewis allows that he changed only seven of his son’s first 600 diapers, downed a yummy dessert in front of his hungry girls as a punishment and was tipsy when his first child was born. In part, Lewis is simply coping with being second-string parent (in the delivery room, he tells dads, “never underestimate your own insignificance”). His failings amuse more than irritate, and he captures serious moments with a warmth that shows he’s a pretty good dad after all. Not that those darn kids appreciate it. “We’re poor, Daddy,” daughter Quinn scolds. “And you didn’t tell us.” If parents couldn’t laugh at such moments, the human race would have long since died off.