April 15, 1985 12:00 PM

Razzy Bailey

A whole new subcategory of trivia games could be developed using only questions that involve differentiating among Razzy Bailey, Moe Bandy, Con Hunley, Joe Stampley, Earl Thomas Conley and John Conlee. They’re all solid country singers and good old boy types, and despite the obvious differences, they do tend to blur together in the mind. In Bailey’s case, the identity crisis is exacerbated by his tendency to slip into what sound almost like imitations of other singers, such as, on this LP, Charley Pride on New Orleans When It Rains and Engelbert Humperdinck on Music Takes Me Past the Point. Bailey is at his best in the mildly soulful old R&B hit Knock on Wood. There’s a similar rough-cut feel to Dr. Love, which Bailey wrote with Steve Cropper, and Donna Rhodes’ harmonies make Modern Day Marriages more than it might be otherwise. Bailey is never bad, in any case; he’s just not always distinctive. (MCA)

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