By People Staff
July 19, 2004 12:00 PM

Retina King

L.A. native Regina King, 33, has acted with Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Sandra Bullock. New on her charmed resume: She’s Hilary Duff‘s fairy godmother in A Cinderella Story, out July 16.

ON IMPRESSING HER FAMILY My son [Ian, 8] loves Hilary Duff. I said, I’m going to do a movie with Lizzie McGuire,” That gave me major brownie points with him. He was doing a little dance.

ON DUFF’S APPEAL She has that personality that just seems so approachable, and I think that’s why she has such a huge following. She loves looking great and wearing high heels and all that, but she does enjoy being a teenager. She doesn’t seem to me to be trying to be a woman before her time.

ON GETTING PRANKED BY CRUISE ON THE SET OF JERRY MAGUIRE In between takes I was sitting off talking to somebody. Tom was by the camera and then all of a sudden he goes, “Regina! We’re rolling!” I was like, “Oh my God,” and I ran out in front of the camera and Steven Spielberg was standing there. He showed up to visit Tom. Steven was cracking up.

ON ENEMY OF THE STATE COSTAR SMITH He’s just so happy to be Will Smith. If he worked for the sanitation department, he would still be happy to be Will Smith working for the sanitation department. You know how everything is new to a kid? He enjoys life like a kid.

ON SHOOTING THE UPCOMING MISS CONGENIALITY 2 WITH BULLOCK She’s a tennis shoes, let’s-go-jump-on-a-moped type of girl. I’m very similar. We’re both very athletic, very competitive. We both show that we can kick butt. I can’t say that one’s better than the other.