January 19, 1981 12:00 PM

Bo Derek’s pantingly awaited new movie is a “6” at best. Derek makes a splash only when she steps into a hot tub for an extracurricular (and explicit) whirl with Anthony Hopkins, her professor at a New England college. That’s all during the first five minutes, though. The film almost had to be anti-climactic from there, and it is. The acting is fine; the clichéd script isn’t. Shirley MacLaine plays Hopkins’ wife, and after discovering that he is seeing Bo, she retaliates by bedding down with the first available man, the vaguely appealing Michael Brandon. Hopkins and MacLaine remain civilized about it all, even taking their lovers on a joint vacation. Only their 20-year-old daughter, played by an appropriately bratty Mary Beth Hurt, disapproves. In the end, this movie isn’t funny enough to be called a comedy, and it’s too shallow to be much else. (R)

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