By People Staff
Updated April 08, 1991 12:00 PM


There are too many pixies like Nelson and Rick Astley prancing around on MTV. We need a return to hefty men like Leslie West, Meat Loaf and Catfish Hodge, guys who could work up a sweat just walking onstage. Just in time, here comes Tad Doyle.

Doyle is a 6′, 300-lb. ex-butcher from Idaho who moved to Seattle to front this quartet. For a self-labeled ‘ “grunge rock” band, Tad and his cohorts on this album, bassist Kurt Danielson, guitarist Gary Thorstensen and drummer Steve Wied (since replaced), roll smoothly on such tunes as “Jinx” and “3-D Witch Hunt,” on which they resemble Hüsker Dü with the idle setting adjusted dangerously high.

Most of the time, though, Tad wallows unhappily in a maelstrom of guitar fire and feedback—check the wastrel’s anthem “Delinquent” or “Trash Truck.”

Our Mr. Doyle has the perfect, sludgy “I told you so” voice for this material. And all the boys earn their keep on din-filled dirges like “Wired God” and “Stumblin’ Man,” songs alienated enough to have been on the sound track of Village of the Damned.

Want to gnaw away at your resentments? Here’s your album. Praise Tad and pass the butter. (Sub Pop)