By Moira Bailey Sue Corbett JOHN DOUGLAS MARSHALL Maureen Harrington KYLE SMITH and Dale Peterson
Updated June 01, 2009 12:00 PM

>Elephant Reflections pairs Karl Ammann’s intimate photos with insights by author Dale Peterson:

1 THEY’RE INTO TOOLS They’ve been seen using sticks as back-scratchers, “stripping away leaves to improve effectiveness.”

2 THEY USE INFRASOUND, carrying on long “conversations” below the range of human hearing.

3 THEY AREN’T SEXIST OR AGEIST They live in matriarchies led by the oldest, most knowledgeable female.

4 THEY GET EMOTIONAL They “spin around, while roaring and trumpeting,” when reunited with old friends.

5 THEY’RE SELF-CONSCIOUS They study themselves in mirrors. In one experiment, a zoo elephant “used the mirror to examine the back of her ear.”