December 12, 1994 12:00 PM

by Rosa Lo San Ross

Chen, daughter of culinary star Joyce Chen, defines Home Cooking (Hearst, $25) as simple stir-fries and steamed dishes. But her book also includes restaurant specials like Kung Pao chicken, egg rolls and Szechuan noodles. The well-illustrated chapters on techniques, ingredients and equipment almost make the reader forget the sour taste left by Helen’s repeated plugs for Joyce Chen products. (Helen is president of the family cookware and specialty foods company.)

And if you’ve never gotten around to using that wok you received as a wedding present, you need only turn to this new volume in the popular 365 series (HarperCollins, $17.95), with its laminated covers and lay-flat binding. It’s filled with easy stir-fries (many of them vegetarian) that even the cooking impaired should be able to master.

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