By Tom Gliatto Alyssa Shelasky Jed Dreben
June 09, 2008 12:00 PM

FX, June 3, 10 p.m. ET


Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) returns with the third season of 30 Days, a show that takes people far from their comfort zones for four weeks and, in the end, finds them a little more appreciative of common humanity.

In the premiere Spurlock himself shovels coal in the depths of a West Virginia mine. (One of his coworkers jokes that the job requires a strong back and a weak mind; the graver concern is whether the lungs will go.) Of the first few episodes, the third is the best: A guy who loves to hunt—he has a happy memory of deer that kept eating even after being shot clean through—is sent to live with a PETA campaign coordinator in Los Angeles. He doesn’t really enjoy dressing up as a chicken and protesting outside a fast-food restaurant, but he gradually modulates some of his views. A lot can happen in a month.