By People Staff
December 22, 2003 12:00 PM

Bob Guiney


“Bring me my girlfriend and a bottle of wine/Bring me her future, just make sure it’s mine,” sings The Bachelor‘s Bob Guiney on “Girlfriend.” Of course, he recorded that song and the rest of his debut CD before he chose his beloved, Estella Gardinier, on ABC’s hit reality show. While his romantic prospects may be flourishing, however, the outlook for Guiney’s recording career is decidedly less rosy. Although he can carry a tune and cowrote all 10 tracks, Guiney’s generic pop-rock won’t woo many music fans. He comes off as a Hootie wannabe on “Come Undone” while giving one new appreciation for Enrique Iglesias on cheesy mid-tempo numbers like “So Wrong,” which are just that.