December 08, 2003 12:00 PM

>Average Joe’s Melana

1 Because when that bus pulled up and exploded her reality-show dream by unloading 16 male lumps, she was so cute: sunny while trying to hide her panic. She looked like Tweety Bird unsure of what sort of puddy tats were fingering the cage. Odd, sweet touch: She unwraps Craig’s cheesy toy gift (parachuting bunnies) and offers to dispose of the paper.

2 Because she doesn’t deny biology. When three metrosexuals loped in at the end of episode 3, her eyes flashed and pheromones lit up the room. Was it a shock that she clearly preferred making out with Jason (whose friends call him Pretty Boy) to kissing big old Adam? No. In fact it was a pleasure to watch. Sorry, Adam.

3 Because, being nice to dorks or frisky with hunks, she seems to have intuited that Joe isn’t about true love. It’s a game of hearts with rotten rules. All a girl can do is play fair. In episode 4, refereeing a basketball game between the rivals, she swung her whistle as if she were having the time of her life.


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