May 19, 2008 12:00 PM

1 SHE’S CLUELESS Well, her character is: Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey, a nonprivileged girl so muddled by status hunger she’ll steal a Valentino and pawn it for another evening gown. Momsen, 14, rather touchingly captures her dumb pathos.

2 SHE’S COMPLEX—by Gossip standards. How far will Jenny evolve by the end of this first season (the finale is May 19)? For every descent into Upper East Side creepdom, she gets a nasty jolt of consequences and twitches back toward girlish decency.

3 SHE’S RUTHLESS Frankly, I like Momsen best at her cruelest, rejecting a boy she wrongly assumes is a dog walker. Her eyes have an appraising glint. A few years older, in a different time, she could have been Anne Boleyn.

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