February 28, 2005 12:00 PM

Seventeen Days

You might not be able to distinguish 3 Doors Down from matchbox twenty, Third Eye Blind and the Foo Fighters. But this quartet, which hit it big in 2000 with “Kryptonite,” makes radio-friendly pop-rock that will have you humming along even if you can’t name the band. This follow-up to 2002’s triple-platinum Away from the Sun finds 3 Doors Down piling on the hooks, if not the heart of a group with a real vision. Serviceable but unspectacular cuts like the first single, “Let Me Go,” reveal them to be solid craftsmen who know how to build a four-minute pop song. And while the CD has its share of generic rockers, some of 3 Doors Down’s ballads do stand out. The folk-tinged “Landing in London” benefits from the husky guest vocals of Bob Seger. “Here by Me” is a love song guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of anybody going through a breakup. And “Be Somebody” is an affecting coming-of-age tale: “I’m tryin’ to be somebody/I’m not trying to be somebody else.” One can’t help but wish, though, that 3 Doors Down would likewise strike out with its own sound. —C.A.


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