September 17, 1984 12:00 PM

Julio Iglesias

He is not the Latin Frank Sinatra that the hype would have him be. His slightly tremulous, nasal style is a lot closer to Charles Aznavour than to Sinatra for one thing. But Iglesias, 40, is a splendid romantic pop singer, with a voice full of texture and character and with just the right hint of worldliness to his delivery. His accent when he sings in English is on the dashing side. (While this is billed as his first album in English, it includes songs in Spanish, French and Italian.) The liveliest track is the English-Spanish Me Va, Me Va, a festive carnival-like tune that sounds as if it had come from one of those great ’40s MGM musicals. The album includes a lovely duet with Diana Ross, All of You, though Iglesias’ voice is toned down too much, apparently to avoid drowning out the wispy Ross. The Beach Boys turn up, none too distinctly, on The Air That I Breathe, and the Iglesias-Willie Nelson duet of To All the Girls I Loved Before is included too, for better or worse. A couple of tearjerkers, Two Lovers and The Last Time, serve as showcases for the rich undertones of regret that Iglesias can muster when he puts his mind and ample musical heart to it. (Columbia)

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