By People Staff
March 14, 1983 12:00 PM

by Bert Randolph Sugar and the Editors of Ring Magazine

As everybody knows, hard times make for hard cases—and boxers. But what’s curious about the latest craze for the “biff biz” is its currency among white-collar types. Clearly, Bert Sugar’s saga pugilistica is written for this new, educated entourage. First of all, it’s literate. Secondly, its principals, from John L. Sullivan to Muhammad Ali, are traced as figures in the complex tapestry of their times. Thirdly, and most engagingly, the assorted champions and canvasbacks are remembered by their own best lines. To wit, Jake LaMotta said he fought Sugar Ray Robinson so many times “it’s a wonder I didn’t get diabetes.” (W.H. Smith, $19.95)