By People Staff
October 16, 2000 12:00 PM

The Delta 72 (Touch and Go)

Formed six years ago in Washington, D.C., this indie-label foursome recently moved to Philadelphia, a fitting choice, since their first two albums were infused with a faux-Philly-blue-eyed-soul sound. On this third effort, however, the band tones down the shtick, abandoning their mock preacher shouts and roller-rink keyboards for a more graceful electric piano and bass-fueled sound. Obvious references to the Rolling Stones in all their ’70s glory abound, especially on “Incident at 23rd Street,” which sounds like a funked-up “Miss You.” The Hammond-organ-layered “Just Another Let Down” is anything but, and “Hip Coat,” the CD’s best track, sports a staggering 12-bar line that is sure to bring out your inner air guitarist.

Bottom Line: Way above zero