July 24, 1989 12:00 PM


Brace yourself. Here is Leo Buscaglia again, working himself into a lather on the subject of love. “There’s something about my vibrations and Chicago’s vibrations that fit together like magic,” he says, mesmerizing a TV-studio crowd, if you don’t count the man shown yawning on-camera. “How can I help but love you?” Leo cries. “You’re me.” On he charges for 50 specious minutes, spouting self-serving anecdotes, like one about the cabdriver who stopped traffic to get Leo’s picture: “What’s the difference if he called me Buscaloozy? There was so much love!”

Buscaloozy pads his patter by quoting sources like Victor Borge. Leo also says, “If humans weren’t so marrrrvelous, we’d all just freak out…. You’ve gotta be a zombie not to want to turn around and hug everyone.” Fans will dash out and hug a lamppost; zombies will marvel at his success. (Nightingale-Conant, $29.95; 800-323-5552)


If you prefer your bromides from a bald man, try Dr. Wayne Dyer, who appears before a Chicago studio audience in this 57-minute tape. “Your circumstances have very little to do with your fulfillment in life,” he explains, “but your attitude toward your circumstances makes all the difference in the world.” Take baldness. Dyer is positive about his own. Says he: “I’ve simply transcended my hair.”

The author-lecturer, who has a degree in psychological counseling, has moved to video to sell self-worth, and he is a smooth practitioner. His anodynes amuse even when they make no sense: “No one can hurt your feelings without your consent; no one can embarrass you without your consent.” Master that and seek Quality, Knowledge and Serenity (not Appearances, Achievement and Acquisitions). You’re on your way to no-limit person-dom.

In leading us to enlightenment, Dyer lands in a few erroneous zones—he says Shakespeare wrote “Know thyself” (it’s originally from the Delphic oracle in ancient Greece)—and at times he enters the Twilight Zone: “Living in the light is a way of being that if you’re not there, you don’t get it yet, but once you see it and once it begins to take over your life, you can never go back.” Some people may not get that. No sweat. Says Dyer: “If you get this one, you’ll have it and understand it all: There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” God bless, Wayne. (Nightingale-Conant, $49.95; 800-323-5552)

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