June 19, 1989 12:00 PM


Welcome to Romance 101. Each of these half-hour tapes is shot in a classroom with “students” who look as if they would have no trouble getting a date at a wake. The teacher is Gail Prince, a Chicago singles columnist.

Of the two tapes, Flirting ($24.95) has an edge on substance. It covers, for instance, how to put a muzzle on body language that says “go away” and how to make contact across that crowded room. The class even discusses rejection (“Just think of it as their loss”). Prince suggests wearing a conversation piece, such as pencil earrings (the better to get your phone number, my dear). Other dos and don’ts: Face into a roomful of people. If you arrive at a party with a pal, separate. Handing out business cards is in; wimpy handshakes are out.

Find Your Loving Partner ($19.95) focuses more on self-marketing. What makes you special? Are you unapproachable? (Standing with head down and arms crossed is unlikely to cause a stampede in your direction.)

Prince needs to dispense fewer “thank-you-for-sharings” and more advice. And is she serious in urging people to tell “everybody that you know, from the butcher to the baker, that you’re interested [in meeting someone]”? Let’s see, that’ll be two pork chops, you big hunk, and I’m free Saturday night. (Premiere Productions; 800-526-7002)


The idea has possibilities, guys. Nobody nagging you to take out the garbage. Nobody saying you aren’t as handsome as John Kennedy Jr., as sensitive as Kevin Costner or as rich as John Kennedy Jr. You couldn’t even get a hickey unless you pinched a finger in the VCR while taking the girlfriend out.

This, though, is an ineffably stupid use of that idea. It stars Jessica Tuck (of TV’s One Life to Live), humiliating herself past redemption. Picked up in a bar, she spends the rest of the tape’s 22 minutes talking to the camera. An offscreen voice tells viewers to do such things as “Ask her if she comes here a lot.” (“She wants it,” the voice leers.) No sense of humor is shown. Nothing happens. Forget this and find a live one. (How to Fantasy Films, $14.95; 800-545-3031)

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