October 02, 1995 12:00 PM

AS THE O.J. SHOW LUMBERS TOWARD ITS final episode, courtroom junkies may be wondering how to score a quick postverdict fix. For immediate relief, check out ABC’s riveting trial drama Murder One (see review, page 18). If real-life litigators are your thing, watch Burden of Proof, a daily legal-affairs show starring CNN analysts Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack, scheduled to start as soon as the Simpson jury begins deliberating. Thinking further ahead, O.J. attorneys Barry Scheck and Peter Neufield, the pit bulls of the Dream Team, approached Paramount with a show concept based on the law school course they teach in New York City. The studio has already pitched the show to CBS; no word yet.

In the meantime, look forward to a tidal wave of trialmania as the jury begins deliberations. After final arguments, Rivera Live, the O.J.-obsessed CNBC program, will expand to 90 minutes for at least two nights so that Gerry Spence (who has also scored his own CNBC show in the O.J. wake) and a panel of prosecutors can retry the case (hopefully without all those time-consuming sidebars). On the day of the verdict, all the networks will preempt regular programming for saturation coverage (and soaring ad rates). Crime itself may not pay, but the TV rights are obviously worth a fortune.

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