By David Hiltbrand
Updated December 11, 1995 12:00 PM

NETWORK TV HAS A BAD CASE OF THE reruns this month, and you are to blame. You have this annoying habit of getting caught up in holiday activities and losing sight of how important it is to keep watching TV Well, the networks would rather not waste fresh episodes of hit series on measly December audiences. Instead, the Big Three—more so every year—are serving up episodes that already aired only a month or two ago. Ho, ho, ho!

As prime time repeats on itself, this seems an appropriate moment to reflect on the season so far. The new dramas have been disappointing, with even the best of them, ABC’s Murder One, losing its focus after its whizbang start and the worst, CBS’s already canceled Courthouse, seeming desperately gaudy. (The judges on this show had more former lovers than Madonna.) The new sitcoms are better, but only marginally so. The best of the freshman class, ABC’s The Naked Truth and CBS’s Can’t Hurry Love and Almost Perfect, feature flashy writing and engaging ensembles but lack the cohesive, self-sustaining concepts and inspired chemistry that have sparked such classics as Cheers and M*A*S*H. My midterm grade for the season: B-