August 01, 1994 12:00 PM

O.J., O.J., EVERYWHERE—INCLUDING, inevitably, prime-time entertainment too. Producers of CBS’s Murphy Brown and Love & War say they will incorporate the case into episodes of their shows, and Fox is planning an O.J. TV movie. Considering the lackluster quality of nearly all upcoming fall series, don’t be surprised if that’s only the beginning.

You can be sure some network is working on a new series, The Great Escape, in which O.J. is taken to a different city every week and set loose on its highways until he gets captured. And if Simpson’s trial takes place this fall, the networks may well cover it live, as they did the pretrial hearing. They could even install strategically placed ads in the courtroom, à la pro-sports arenas, to pay for the expensive, normally commercial-free coverage. During breaks, attorneys could be shown swigging Coke and Gatorade, and the judge could stop to in-tone, “This witness was brought to you by General Motors.”

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