By David Hiltbrand
February 14, 1994 12:00 PM

Jottings from a Super Bowl diary: Kick-off time and I’m in the usual Super stupor, a condition induced by the pre-game marathon and too much snack food…. I snap out of it only when NBC’s robotic studio host Jim Lampley regales us with the news, “Our halftime show will employ theatrical lighting.” Oooh, now I’m excited!…Judging by the “Rockin’ Country” halftime, I’d say Wynonna has been watching way too many Janet Jackson videos…. I like these helmetless head shots of the players NBC is displaying between plays. Doesn’t Andre Reed look like soap star Kristoff St. John? Doesn’t Darryl Talley look like Howie Mandel?…With less than three minutes left and the game long out of reach, NBC’s drab color analyst Bob Trumpy is still trying to drum up interest. “Buffalo,” he assures us, “will not go down quietly.” Hey, after four consecutive years of watching Buffalo come up short, we all know that the only thing that goes down quieter than the Bills is a Sade album.