December 07, 1992 12:00 PM

When Roseanne Barr remarried nearly three years ago, she took a new name: Roseanne and Tom Arnold. She and her new husband have been like Siamese twins ever since. When she performs her stand-up act, he’s the doofy opening act. After being installed as co-executive producer of Roseanne, Tom also got a part on the show as Arnie, Lanford’s biggest loser. When Roseanne hits the talk show circuit, room must always be made on the couch for Tom. (To my knowledge, The Tonight Show, in Johnny’s final days, was the only program that successfully resisted the Arnolds’ twofer policy, insisting that Roseanne come on alone.) If she makes an appearance on an awards show or Comic Relief, he’s right there onstage with her. Now, Roseanne has exercised her considerable clout to help get her soulmate his own sitcom, The Jackie Thomas Show (see review), positioned in prime time’s most coveted slot: immediately following her megahit. Well, it’s crunch time. Has Roseanne created a star or just a potbellied Pia Zadora?

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