September 02, 1991 12:00 PM

The networks may not be big on innovation, but they’ll ride a trend with the determination of a bronc buster. It has not escaped their notice that even tepid concepts will attract a respectable audience share if they feature a well-known TV face such as, say, Andy (Matlock) Griffith or Sharon (The Trials of Rosie O’Neill) Gless. So when the new season begins in a few weeks (see Fall Preview, page 36), we’ll be inundated with new series built around familiar faces—Jim (The Rockford Files) Garner, Redd (San-ford and Son) Foxx, Connie (Hotel) Sellecca, Patrick (Dallas) Duffy, Suzanne (Three’s Company) Somers and Robert (Benson) Guillaume. Even Richard (The Real McCoys) Crenna is returning to the grind of series television. If things don’t work out, these old pros can always consider moving one rung down the TV evolutionary ladder to host reality shows, as series veterans William (Rescue 911) Shatner and Robert (Unsolved Mysteries) Stack have done.

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