October 02, 1989 12:00 PM

Two weeks ago, our review of NBC’s Sister Kate suggested that the show (starring Stephanie Beacham as a wisecracking nun) had the funniest line of all the new season’s pilots. But NBC fudged, changing the line before the show was broadcast. Here’s the line the censor cut: While one of Kate’s young female charges is being manhandled on a date, the nun appears, out of nowhere, holding a golf club. The boy says, “What are you doing here?” She deadpans, “I’ve come to hit some balls.” The NBC standards department (the censors) had the line changed to “I’ve come to up your handicap.” For heaven’s sake. Alf, Sophia of the The Golden Girls and the cast of Santa Barbara routinely get away with much more. Why the double standard, NBC?

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